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2012! A Golden Opportunity

February 2011

This is not something for the feint hearted; only those investors, landlords and property owners who can see an opportunity and know how to make the most of their investment whatever its original or present use, should read on.

Next year all property owners are faced with a fantastic opportunity to make the most of the engorged site in Weymouth where many of the sailing events for the 2012 Olympics are to take place.  Charming Christchurch has been designated as one of the official sailing camps for this prestigious event and overspill there will be!

So, you may ask how anyone makes the most of such an opportunity. For many this will be a one off. However, insightful preparation now will mean an easy transition into offering a good standard of accommodation for the huge influx of guests seeking accommodation both during and after the Olympics next year.  Now is the time to plan.

What to do? Firstly you need to look critically at what you have available in the way of bed space. Obviously the more you sleep the more you reap, although there is much more to it than this and in order to glean the most from this moment in history you need to think carefully about your options and take expert advice.

Already there is concern about the lack of mooring space in Weymouth Bay. So for those with river frontage a timely opportunity beckons.  It may be that you possess this bonus but don’t have the facility to offer your property as accommodation for the windswept, weary, waterlogged traveller? That’s fine but an expert you will most definitely need in order to ensure that your safely moored guests have good quality accommodation nearby.

Starting to sound complicated? Its not.  You just need to prepare now and engage the correct help.   

Student accommodation is often large, spacious and basically furnished. Nothing wrong with that - it does the job. Perhaps you own a completely unfurnished property? No problem.  What you need is advice how to furnish it for the market for which it is required, or perhaps advice where to go in order furnish your property to a high standard with minimum outlay.

Indeed you may have a second home that just needs the minimum of change to be a delightful retreat. Or perhaps you are ready to let your own home and need to know what will need to be required.

Are you still on your bank managers Christmas card list and looking to find the best investment - or tired of those lumps under the mattress?

The variables are endless. However, what is clear is that what you need is expert help in order to make the best of this golden opportunity.

Specialist knowledge is required as a buy-to-let investor and that specialist you need is Bournecoast Properties Ltd. They have a first class reputation for providing quality properties whether for short or long term rental and are the area’s leading provider of short term lets.  Having just celebrated an incredibly successful 50 years in the holiday lettings business their expertise is second to none and they will be delighted to help you make the most of your property at any time. But these are insightful individuals (just like those of you who read further) who using their teams experience know how to make the best of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

So why take a chance? Ask an expert, then everyone’s a winner! 

For further details on investment properties, long or short term lets or residential sales or purchases in Bournemouth or the surrounding areas, please contact Bournecoast on 01202 437888 where one of their advisers will be more than happy to help you, or visit their website

Des Simmons

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