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March 2004

The trend to obtaining information or services when they are required rather than just during office hours has dominated our society over the last decade. Witness the round the clock opening of supermarkets, information always available on the internet and 24-hour television stations. Now Bournecoast is bringing the same ease of access to information and interactivity to the buying, selling and letting of houses to Bournemouth. Home seekers checking Bournecoast’s window in Southbourne Grove will be able to hear information around the clock from a “talking window” and then request a trained negotiator to contact them as soon as the office is open.

Every set of property details displayed in the window has a three digit number attached to it. Home hunters simply tap that number onto a pad through Bournecoast’s window to hear a message telling them more about that individual property. The message can include not only the facts, like how many bedrooms, but also the “feel” of the property and what makes it special – its lovely decking or the closeness of local schools for example. The listener is then invited into the estate agent's office or, if the office is closed, invited to leave a phone number where they can be contacted later. Then a trained negotiator calls the interested party back the following day to discuss their requirements.

The Windowtalk system has already proved a big hit with landlords and sellers with many stating it was a deciding factor when choosing which estate agent to list their property with. Bournecoast’s managing director Keith Simmons MBE said: “Windowtalk gives people the information they want when they want it – not just when we tell them they can have it and fits in with our 24 hour/seven day a week society. Mr Simmons added that "Bournecoast was moving aggressively into supplying the buy-to-let market and felt Windowtalk would speed the company’s growth in the sector. People considering buying property to rent as an investment are by their nature busy people – that is normally how they earned the money they intend to invest in the first place. Our availability to offer them information when they want it will suit their lifestyle and be a major asset. It will also stand us apart from our competition as we are the only estate agent in this area who can operate the Windowtalk system. We are a well established local business with a first class reputation and I am confident that Windowtalk is going to help us serve all our clients even better in the future.”

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