Carbon Monoxide Detectors

February 2020

Lettings Regulations - Carbon Monoxide

Do you have a carbon monoxide alarm fitted in your holiday rental? New research reveals more than a quarter of Brits (29%) don’t have a carbon monoxide detector in their home.

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless, poisonous gas, which people can’t see, smell, hear or taste - known as the silent killer. Every year in the UK there are around 60 deaths in England and Wales from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning and thousands are hospitalised.

It is only a legal requirement to have a CO alarm in a rental property if you have solid fuel burning appliances. However, despite the law, boilers can also leak CO. As an agency we would recommend ALL rental properties have a CO alarm as a duty of care to their holiday visitors. 

If you don’t have one in your property and would like one installed then please contact our customer service team who can arrange to have one fitted for you. 

For further information please call one of the Bournecoast Customer Services team on 01202 437888 or email the team. 


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