Press Releases

Below is a selection of Bournecoast press releases that have been released, some of which have appeared in Local and National Press. If you would like further information about any of our press releases or would like us to write a press release for your publication please email us (

Mar 2022:  EPC Changes

Nov 2021:  Holiday Lets Policy Changes

Jul 2021:  Top UK Holiday Spots

Apr 2021:  Huge Demand for Holiday Lets

Feb 2021:  Self-Catering Boom

Mar 2020:  Coronavirus - Positive Outlook

Feb 2020:  Holiday Letting Inspections

Feb 2020:  Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Jan 2020:  Bournemouth Airbnb and Holiday Letting could increase rental income 

Jan 2020:  Landlord Regulations 



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